Poster presentation guideline

You will be allocated a  “booth” that will provide the opportunity to present your poster and answer questions to the visitors who enter the virtual “room” (or visit your poster board) similar to a real poster session at a conference
  • Send us a pdf of your poster (preferable in landscape format) to upload to your Poster booth area.
  • You need to record a narrated powerpoint.  We will convert it and upload the video recording of our presentation to the booth. It can also be viewed by anybody who visits your poster when you are not available to present/interact.
  • Above will allow visitors to view your poster at any time (even when you are not present in the room to discuss your poster). Visitors can also leave you a message that you can respond to at a later time..

Attending live on the day

  • Please enter the event with the link provided by email. ( with the title “Your booth XXXXX (your poster title) has been allocated.
  • Please enter the event
  • When you are in the reception, please navigate to 1, “Posters: on to the top menu
  • Then go to your Poster booth with (Identified by your name and title of the poster)
  • Please be present in the booth to take questions 1 hour before the event starts
  • Also, attend to the questions sent to you via the chat/Enquiry button