Keynote Speakers


Dr Stephanie Salyer

DVM, MPH, DACVPM (Technical Advisor, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)


Dr Peninah Munyua

PhD (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nairobi)


Dr Jo Halliday

BSc, MRes, PhD (Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, University of Glasgow)

Thursday | 02 December
Time Theme Talk title  Presenter
11:30 Platform opens The lounge tables and speed networking is available to connect with video with other delegates  
11:30 Poster Session Visit the poster booths to view the Poster Presentations and interact with the speakers
12:30 Opening Opening of 62nd Colloquium Master of Ceremonies: Prof Tshepo Matjila, 
Head of Department Veterinary Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria

Prof Tawana Kupe, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Pretoria

Prof Vinny Naidoo, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria

Dr Marc-Alain Widdowson, Director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp
13:00 Keynote #1 How do we prevent and better manage the next pandemic: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic response in Africa

Dr Stephanie Salyer
(Technical advisor for Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)

13:30   Question and Answer session  
      Session Chair: Prof Lucille Blumberg
14:00 Abstract Presentation #1 One Health investigations of West Nile virus lineage 2 in South Africa
Question and Answer
Caitlin MacIntyre, Carla Louwrens, Adriano Mendes,Todd Johnson, Milehna Guarido, Leo Braack, Paulo Almeida, June Williams, Marietjie Venter
14:15 Abstract Presentation #2 Seroprevalence of brucellosis and molecular characterisation of Brucella spp. in cattle farmed at the wildlife-livestock-human Interface in Rwanda Jean Bosco Ntivuguruzwa, Francis Kolo,
Richard S Gashururu, Lydia Umurerwa,
Charles Byaruhanga, Henriette van Heerden
14:30 Abstract Presentation #3 Leptospirosis seroprevalence and characteristics among farm and veterinary workers in central South Africa 2015-2016
Question and Answer
Solita Pillay, V Msimang, John Frean,
K Ravhuhali, A de Voux, J Rossouw
14:45 Abstract Presentation #4 Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) about rabies among community households and health practitioners at the human-wildlife interface in Limpopo National Park, Massingir District, Mozambique
Question and Answer
Milton F Mapatse, Claude T Sabeta,
José M Fafetine, Darrell Abernethy
15:00 Abstract Presentation #5 Genomic and One Health investigation of SARS-CoV-2 in South African lions
Question and Answer
Katja Koeppel, Amy Strydom,
Adriano Mendes, Marietjie Venter
15:15 Abstract Presentation #6 Epidemiological characteristics and spatiotemporal trend of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever cases in South Africa, 1981-2020
Question and Answer
Veerle Msimang, Lucille H Blumberg,
Antoinette Grobbelaar, Chantel le Roux,
Naazneen Moolla, Janusz T Paweska,
Jacqueline Weyer
15:45 Introduction to breakout rooms Summary and introduction of topics for breakout rooms  
15:55 Breakout Rooms

Session conducted in Zoom – link will be provided on virtual event platform


  1. Preventing potential emerging pandemics.  Prof Mary Louw Penrith, Dr Isabel Brosius
  2. Guidelines: Outbreak preparedness and response for scientists and policymakers.  Prof Vinny Naidoo and Dr Soledad Colombe
  3. Social, ecological and economic impacts of pandemics on health systems and livelihoods. Dr Koen Peeters, Dr Hazel Bradley
  4. Drivers of the emergence and spread of infectious epidemics.  Prof Marietjie VenterProf Anita Michel
  5. Mitigation of the climate crisis needs to be more prioritised in One Health.  Prof Marrianne van der Sande and Dr Kathy Kreppel
Prof Mary-Louise Penrith (Preventing potential
emerging pandemics)
Prof Vinny Naidoo (Guidelines: Outbreak
preparedness and response for scientists and policymakers)
Dr Hazel Bradley (Social, ecological and economic impacts of pandemics on health systems and livelihoods) University of the Western Cape
Prof Marietjie Venter (Drivers of the emergence
and spread of infectious epidemics)
Prof Anita Michel (Drivers of the emergence and
spread of infectious epidemics
Dr Isabel Brosius (Preventing potential
emerging pandemics)
Dr Soledad Colombe(Guidelines: Outbreak preparedness
and response for scientists and policymakers)
Prof Koen Peeters (Social, ecological and economic impacts of pandemics on health systems and livelihoods
Prof Marianne van der Sande (‘Mitigation of the
climate crisis needs to be more prioritised in One
Health agendas
Dr Kathy Kreppel (‘Mitigation of the climate crisis
needs to be more prioritised in One Health agendas)
16:50 Closing Report back and closingProf Tshepo Matjila, Prof Lucille Blumberg
17:00   Social Lounge  
Friday | 03 December
Time Theme Talk title Presenters
      Session Chair: Prof Koos Coetzer
11:30 Poster Session Platform opens and poster sessions All
12:30 Keynote #2 Challenges of addressing priority zoonotic diseases: Brucellosis control Dr Peninah Munyua
13:00   Question and Answer  
13:15 Abstract Presentation #7 Rabies risk factors related to dog meat processing and consumption in the Centre North and far North regions of Cameroon
Question and Answer
Nnomo M C Josiane
13:30 Abstract Presentation #8 Epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis and its zoonotic implication in Addis Ababa milkshed,
Central Ethiopia
Question and Answer
Begna Tulu, Aboma Zewede, Mulugeta Belay,
Miserach Zeleke, Mussie Girma, Metasebia Tegegn,
Fozia Ibrahim, David A Jolliffe, Markos Abebe,
Taye Tolera Balcha, Balako Gumi, Henny M Martineau,
Adrian R Martineau, Gobena Ameni
13:45 Abstract Presentation #9 Community perception on vector control programs and challenges for the effective implementation: a qualitative study
Question and Answer
Parbati Phuyal, Isabelle Marie Kramer, Ulrich Kuch,
David A Groneberg, Mandira Lamichhane Dhimal,
Edwin Wouters, Meghnath Dhimal, Ruth Müller
14:15 Keynote #3 One Health investigations of endemic bacterial zoonoses: Key findings and lessons learned for disease surveillance, prevention and control Dr Jo Halliday
14:45   Question and Answer session  
15:00 Abstract Presentation #10 Community perception on hydatidosis and strategies for its control in Morocco
Question and Answer session
Mwiza Kazimbaya, Severin Thys
15:15 Abstract Presentation #11 Human and animal rabies surveillance in Nigeria: A One Health analysis introduction
Question and Answer session
Shamsudeen Fagbo, Naser Ahmed, Zaidat Musa,
Arjan Stegeman, Olaniran Alabi, Chikwe Ihekweazu
15:30 Abstract Presentation #12 Drivers of spread of anthrax in Western Province, Zambia
Question and Answer session
Stephen Tembo
16:00 Panel Discussion How policy change can address socio-economic, cultural, and environmental determinants of epidemics Facilitator: Prof Koos Coetzer

Prof Mary-Louise Penrith
Prof Jaap Wagenaar
Dr Fasina Folorunso Oludayo
Dr Christiana Noestlinger
Dr Marc-Alain Widdowson
16:50   ClosingProf Frans Jongejan, 
Prof Tshepo Matjila, 
17:00   Social Lounge remains open  

Session Chairs 


Prof Lucille Blumberg

Extraordinary Lecturer: Veterinary Tropical Diseases

Coetzer Prof

Prof Koos Coetzer

BVSc(Hons) MMedVet(Path)(Pret)
Former Head of the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases & Emeritus Professor

Poster Presentations

Title of Poster PresentationAuthorsPresented by
Evaluation of Artesunate-Mefloquine as a novel alternative treatment for schistosomiasis compared to Praziquantel in Senegalese school-aged children (SchistoSAM), a randomized controlled trialI Brosius, C Roucher, M Mbow, A Tsoumanis , B.T Faye, A De Hondt, D Arango, C Burm , L Paredis, I Potters, Y Van Herrewege , B Cissé , S Mboup, K Polman, E BottieauIsabel Brosius
Synthetic peptides as biomarkers for the diagnosis of dengue infectionF Falconi-Agapito, K Kerkhof,  X Merino, D Bakokimi, F Torres, M Van Esbroeck, M Talledo, K.K AriënFrancesca Falconi-Agapito
Predators of container-breeding mosquitoes – potential control agents?F Reuss, A Magdeburg, R Müller, M PfenningerFriederike Reuss
Larvicidal efficacy of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) and chinaberry (Melia Axedarach) on Anopheles Arabiensis and Anopheles Pharoensis in EthiopiaE Yechale, M Balkew, T Gebre-MichaelEnyew Yechale
Molecular epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants virus in Nigeria: An updateS Mantip, A Sigismeau, D Shamaki, TY Woma, O Kwiatek, G Libeau, S Farougou, A BatailleSamuel Mantip
Drivers for the expansion of the dengue vectors Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictusI Kramer, M Pfeiffer, O Steffens, F Schneider, V Gerger, P Phuyal, I Kadel, M Braun, A Magdeburg, B Ahrens, D.A Groneberg, U Kuch, M Dhimal, R MüllerIsabelle Kramer
A Systematic Review and meta-analysis to assess the significance of microbial infections in ZebraC.A Cossu, R.V Bhoora, R Cassini,  H van HeerdenCarlo Andrea Cossu
Further evidence of no association between clinical sign of loiasis and presence/intensity of microfilariae: implication for diagnosis and treatmentL Djune-Yemeli, H.C Nana-Djeunga, A Domche, J Kamgno, P BudgeLinda Djune-Yemeli
Drivers of vaccination uptake in Democratic Republic of CongoP Mangoni, L Peckeu-Abboud, K Chammam, P.L Mutombo, J.F.P Kwete, C Ifufa, V Vanlerberghe, M Van der Sande, J Madinga, P Mbala-KingebeniPatrick Mangoni
Drivers for emergence and spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 in NigeriaO.B Akanbi, C.I Odita, T Lakes, F Thiel, M MohamedChristianah Odita
The effect of the COVID19 pandemic and government response on the social, economic and health status of TB patients and their households in Cape Town South AfricaL Vanleeuw L, S Atkins S, W Zembe

Lieve Vanleeuw


Antibiotic overuse for Covid-19, are we adding insult to injury?S.G Abdela, L Liesenborghs, F Tadese, S.H Abegaz, F.B Bayuh, E.A Asmamaw, T.A Mebratie, A.A Mamo, M.A Mebrate, W Enbiale, SHunegnaw, D.B Hundie, Z Hurissa, G Agero, A Kaso, S van Henten, J van Griensven

Seid Getahun Abdela


Characterization of landscapes at risk of schistosomiasis transmission in the Kimpese region, involvement in community-based vector controlG. Kapour, J. Madinga, P. Mitashi, T. Huyse, K. Polman

Germaine Kapour 



Panel Discussion

Prof Jaap Wagenaar

Prof. Wagenaar

                     Dr Fasina Folorunso Oludayo


                           Prof Mary-Louise Penrith

mary louise penrith

Dr Christiana Noestlinger 


                                                   Dr Marc-Alain Widdowson



Dr Isabel Brosius


Prof Vinny Naidoo


                                  Prof Marietjie Venter

Prof Kathy Kreppel


Dr Soledad Colombe


                                  Dr Veronique Dermauw


Prof Mary-Louise Penrith

mary louise penrith

Prof Anita Michel


Prof Marianne van der Sande


Dr Koen Peeters