Event Platform for speakers attending virtually

For those speakers attending and presenting online we’ve created a guide that will help you make the most of this experience. If you experience any difficulty or needs support, please reach out to the tech team through the purple chat button on the home page or by phoning 082 575 6479 / +27 (12) 346 1590. 

Step 1: Join Airmeet upon invitation

Use the personalised unique invite link provided to you to enter the Airmeet Event. This link is unique to you as a speaker and only you may log in using this link. If you choose to share this link with anyone, they shall appear on the Airmeet with your name and details.

When you click on the specific link shared with you, you will directly enter Airmeet with no signing-in required. All speakers can connect 15 minutes before the live session.

Step 2: Go Backstage

After entering the Airmeet you will first encounter the Reception area.  Please navigate to PROGRAM on the top menu.

At this point click the “Go Backstage” button next to your session to enter the private “backstage” area of your session. 

Here you can test your audio, video and devices to avoid last minute surprises and also interact with the host and other speakers, getting to know them before you go live.

Once everything is in order, the host will begin the session. A countdown of 10 seconds will indicate when the session is about to begin.


Step 3: Commence Session

Once the session has begun you can participate and present your content. Remember that a Speaker is always visible to all event participants unless you choose to switch off your camera. The buttons to control the Video, Audio and Screen-share appear at the bottom centre of your screen.

All chats, emojis and questions posted by the attendees will be visible to you. If an attendee uses the “Raise Hand” feature, the host can moderate and accept or dismiss the request. If accepted, the attendee shares the stage with the speakers for the interaction.

Step 4: Q&A

Once the session has ended, the Q&A session can begin. The ‘Questions’ button on the right-hand side of your screen lists questions asked by the attendees. You don’t have to go through the chat body as that button allows segregation of questions from the regular chat. 

So, with that, we have come to the end of our walkthrough. However, if you need assistance before your session or between sessions, the “Help” or “?” button in the bottom right corner inside the event will allow you to chat with our event specialists or meet with them face-to-face in the 24/7 support lounge.

For a flawless Airmeet experience, do keep the following in mind:

  • Please have a stable and good internet connection. AVOID using wireless and rather choose cabled if possible
  • A noise-free ambience is conducive to a smooth interaction.
  • It is recommended to use a laptop with the Chrome browser.
  • Restart the browser to avoid issues (if you face any) due to caching.
  • An external and good headset with mic is recommended, though not mandatory.
  • If you have difficulty seeing other speakers’ or the host’s feed, please refresh the page or restart the browser and ensure that you close any other conferencing tool you may have used recently.

Speaker Guidelines for recording

Recording & Presentation Guidelines – Download the full guideline here

When creating a presentation and/or recording a session for a webinar, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not wear clothing with stripes
  • Ensure the slide size for the presentation is set to the standard (4:3).
  • Only use dark fonts on light backgrounds or vice versa, refrain from using grey or lighter fonts on light backgrounds.
  • Logos should be placed over a plain background (not covering any text).
  • Do not use too much text – a maximum of 40 words per slide should be used. LESS IS MORE
  • The smallest font size used should be 24pt. Please make sure when uploading your powerpoint to Prezi that your words are viewable for a PC and Mobile device.
  • When including images/graphs in the presentation, please consider that mobile devices are often used to view webinars and the graphs/images should still be visible accordingly.
  • You can either create your own powerpoint in Prezi or use one from Powerpoint.

Please follow the following general guidelines when recording a session:

  • Record against a plain background.
  • Use natural lighting so that the speaker is visible, but not also too bright.
  • When speaking, use a headset or earphones to reduce background noise.
  • Ensure the laptop or camera is at eye level.
  • Ensure head and shoulder are within the frame (not cut off)
  • Ensure that your internet connection is stable. (When you make use of an online recording system.)

Please do not hesitate to contact Isabel McLaren conferences@vetlink.co.za or 012 346 1590 for assistance.  We can check you presentation before you start and you are welcome to send a clip of the recording before you start.  We are standing by to assist.